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Eduardo Barrios USPThis “About” section is different than ones you might find on other sites, because it’s about YOU, not us. Our focus is helping businesses and organizations like yours succeed with solid brand strategy and creative marketing communications.

The first step in developing a brand is to clearly define what makes your product or service YOUnique. Many years ago a wise ad agency Creative Director advised, “Never begin working on advertising concepts, until you really understand a client’s USP”— short for, Unique Sales Proposition. Your USP is your key differentiator — it sets your brand apart from the competition. How is your offering different, better, and more relevant?

When individuals approach us to create logos, design brochures, develop ads, write sales copy or build websites, we always start by asking them to describe their business, marketing goals, and USP. Businesses and organizations that have clear USPs have taken a long, hard look themselves. They know their products and services, customers, marketplace, and competitors and have carefully defined their Unique Sales Proposition.

Additionally, a clear USP focuses the creative development process and helps in generating honest, relevant and energized marketing communications. That Creative Director was right — effective advertising isn’t about smoke and mirrors, it’s about really understanding a client’s USP and promoting it authentically, creatively and with confidence.

Have you defined your USP and your brand? Let’s talk.
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