Branding: In it to win it.

logoboardgame1I recently visited the toy department at Target. Among the vast array of shelves, loaded with board games of all kinds, I spotted “The Logo Board Game”!! I could not believe my eyes. The game is based on one’s knowledge and recognition of brand logos, but that’s just for starters. You might be tested on any given brand’s product, service, or even tag line. I must admit it made a brand geek like me think twice about spending the $24.99.

I ended up leaving the game on the shelf, but took away some important questions like …If small business owners’ brands were part of a “Logo Board Game” would the players, i.e. the public, recognize them quickly and easily? Would their brand identity stand out over the competition’s? How well would the public know their tag lines and value propositions?

This board game, with its splash of colorful corporate identities, is not too dissimilar from what small business owners are faced with in the real world — Competition for Share of Consumer Mind Space. Small business owners need winning brands in highly competitive environment and challenging economy.

To win in the logo board game, you must be the person who correctly recognizes and identifies the most memorable brands. To win as a small business owner is to have a strong, compelling and memorable brand identity that is the foundation of all your marketing efforts, and that is easily recognized by the public at large.

If you’re a small business owner, maybe now’s the time to assess the status of your branding program and see if you are in it to win it. Let’s talk.

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