Brandwashed or Brandwise?

brandwashedWhat are the chances that a book like this would present with its cover facing me? Synchronicity, serendipity? Who knows — just in the right place at the right time I guess. 

Brandwashed, written by long-time ad guy Martin Lindstrom, is an interesting exposé of how “big brands” use psychological schemes to play upon human fears and desires, manipulating consumers into purchasing their products and services. Martin argues that in a brand saturated world it’s very difficult to avoid being “Brandwashed” by these messages. Martin’s goal is to help the buyer beware by educating them to make smarter, sounder and more informed decisions about how brands confront us everyday.

My philosophy about branding is very simple — just be honest. Brands should emerge out of a company’s core mission. Great brands aren’t based on tricks or manipulation, but rather on innovation, energy and transparency. Great brands are the ones who build long-standing relationships with consumers — they are trusted, respected, and valued for providing products and solutions that make peoples’ lives easier, better. Great brands are secure in who they are and what it is that make them different and relevant.

Steve Jobs the mastermind of Apple, Inc. knew how to build a brand from an authentic and uncompromising vision and mission, focused on making life easier for people. Steve once noted that…“These technologies can make life easier, can let us touch people we might not otherwise. You may have a child with a birth defect and be able to get in touch with other parents and support groups, get medical information, the latest experimental drugs. These things can profoundly influence life…”

So here are some questions to think about. How authentic is your brand? Is your Unique Sales Proposition (USP) real and relevant to your market…how? Do you believe that “Brandwashing” is an effective marketing approach for your business? How do you communicate your brand?

Maybe we could co-author a new book, called BrandWise: An Authentic Approach to Marketing & Attracting Customers. At the very least, we could write a new chapter for your brand. Let’s talk.

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