“Outside the Box” creative.

designproI was browsing in a local office supply store when I spotted a software product entitled something like, “Logo Designer”. It stopped me dead in my tracks! My creative competitor…in a box! What is this world coming to? Of course, upon further reflection it wasn’t that surprising. Obviously, there are all kinds of software tools out there. I recently hired a locksmith to add a dead bolt to my door. I wonder, can I buy a “Locksmith 2.0″ and install the dead bolt myself from my MAC? I’ve been in the advertising and graphic design field for over 20 years and have been noticing a decline in the understanding and value of professionally crafted communications among small businesses. I think it’s due to a couple of factors — first, the ubiquity of technology and “Desktop Publishing” and second, a depressed economy. Technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it allows for greater flexibility, efficiency and communication — 0n the other hand, it gives the impression that with the “right software”, anyone can become a creative director or graphic design pro. No doubt, there are smart people out there with marketing and aesthetic sense, but when it comes to crafting creative content for your business, seek out an experienced professional. For example, just because I own the latest, Ryobi 7-1/4″ Circular Saw, with LED worklight and Exactline™ laser alignment system, it doesn’t make me a master carpenter. Then there are budgets. These days every business owner is holding on to their cash. I understand. But making a modest investment in skillfully crafted copywriting and art direction can empower your advertising, maximize your messaging and improve your overall marketing efforts. So next time you’re tempted by an off-the-shelf approach to advertising your business, think outside the box and choose an experienced creative partner who can offer engaging and customized communications.

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