More than a logo.

A logo by itself is not a Brand. Many business owners think that their brand is their logo, and they are partly right. A brand is your business identity. A brand is made up of several attributes and elements, working together consistently, to deliver a unique value-driven experience for customers. Take the brand Volkswagen for example. The Volkswagen was developed in the 1930′s as a simple andaffordable car for the masses. In fact, Volkswagen literally means “peoples’ car”, in German. We’re all familiar with the circular VW icon, but this brand is much more than its logo. Brand takes into account the actual quality and craftsmanship of the car, the unique experience VW brand offers drivers, and the way this experience is communicated. In 1959 Bill Bernbach, one of America’s advertising giants helped create and launch the VW beetle’s famous “Think Small” campaign. “Think Small” used humor to brand this unsuspecting new product to an American market with large families and even larger automobiles. The ads connected with consumers on an emotional level and helped build a brand that was accessible, affordable, sensible and memorable. These fundamental VW brand attributes exist to this day. The same concept is true for small businesses. Yes, your brand includes your logo AND it’s a balance of the quality of your product or service, how well you communicate your brand’s unique benefits to your target audience through well-crafted copy and design.

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