Eduardo Barrios BrandWhen we tell people we develop branding for small business, the usual response is something like, “Oh, you design logos…”. While this is true, there is much more to your brand than just the logo.

Basically your brand is your business, or organization’s identity and essence. It is that intangible quality that attracts new customers and maintains loyal relationships with existing customers. A brand is made up of, and expressed through, a carefully balanced combination of tangible elements which include; a clear Unique Sales Proposition(USP), a brand promise or mission statement, the quality of your product or service, the customer service experience, a strong brand identity (logo, tagline, messaging), a strategic marketing/advertising plan and creative, persuasive and consistent marketing tools (ads, sales materials, website, email marketing, video, etc.).

A general perception is that only mega companies, like Coke-Cola or Budweiser, invest in branding. But the truth is — whether you’re a billion-dollar company, a small business owner, or nonprofit — having a strong brand platform can help you increase market visibility and attract new customers.

Barrios Branding Examples:
DentfixExpress/Company Rebranding
Better Than A Bistro/Start-Up Branding
VisitorPass Solutions/Product Branding




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