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Helping the LGBT Moveable Senior Center Move Forward

Barrios Advertising was selected to craft a new promotional/educational identity for the LGBT Moveable Senior Center. The Moveable Senior Center program, being implemented by a group of 5 local area senior centers (including Canton Senior Center), provides monthly gatherings and events geared toward older adults who identify as LGBT, as well as LGBT allies. Wonderful program and community.

Brandwashed or Brandwise?

What are the chances that a book like this would present with its cover facing me? Synchronicity, serendipity? Who knows — just in the right place at the right time I guess.  Brandwashed, written by long-time ad guy Martin Lindstrom, is an interesting exposé of how “big brands” use psychological schemes to play upon human […]

Branding: In it to win it.

I recently visited the toy department at Target. Among the vast array of shelves, loaded with board games of all kinds, I spotted “The Logo Board Game”!! I could not believe my eyes. The game is based on one’s knowledge and recognition of brand logos, but that’s just for starters. You might be tested on any […]

“Outside the Box” creative.

I was browsing in a local office supply store when I spotted a software product entitled something like, “Logo Designer”. It stopped me dead in my tracks! My creative competitor…in a box! What is this world coming to? Of course, upon further reflection it wasn’t that surprising. Obviously, there are all kinds of software tools […]

More than a logo.

A logo by itself is not a Brand. Many business owners think that their brand is their logo, and they are partly right. A brand is your business identity. A brand is made up of several attributes and elements, working together consistently, to deliver a unique value-driven experience for customers. Take the brand Volkswagen for example. […]

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