DentfixExpress/Company Rebranding

“Barrios Advertising is the best thing to happen to my business! Their re-branding of my company made my planned expansion a huge success. In fact, people constantly ask me if Dentfix Express is a franchise, due to its strong, professional brand image. 
I have been providing specialized Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) services for over 15 years. I had always struggled on my own in an attempt to educate potential customers. I continued to attract the wrong customers. Barrios Advertising created a whole new image for my company. I was hesitant initially, but I changed my business name, logo, website and message. The result is a brand that clearly communicates PDR, how it is performed, and its value. The new brand and website deliver a “pre-educated” customer. I now recieve a higher volume of educated customers ready to do business. I will admit that I am myself a demanding customer. However, after working with Eduardo Barrios, it was clear to me that he cared about my business success. I felt like I was more than a project to him. The Barrios Advertising team went to great lengths to understand what was important to me and at times even helped me focus on what information was most important to my customers. At first it was hard let go of the reigns, but now I wouldn’t advertising without them — they are my in-house advertising team. I network with hundreds of people and must say Eduardo Barrios is the cream of the crop. You should be very excited about what the Barrios Advertising team can do for you.”
Steve Roberto, Owner
Dentfix Express LLC


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