Eduardo Barrios creates illustrations for “A Kalmyk Sampler: Mongol Poetry and Mythic Tale: Poems in English, Russian, and Kalmyk” [Paperback]

A Kalmyk Sampler is an invitation to the world of Kalmyk poetry and folktales evoking the major holidays and beautiful and powerful female Buddhist deities. A taste of folklore, ethnography, history, poetry, ritual, artistic images, and photography.

Nikolai Burlakoff (Author), Eduardo Barrios (Illustrator), Carleton Copeland (Translator), Erdni Eldyshev (Translator), Vera Sugraeva (Translator), Rimma Khaninova (Contributor)

Nikolai Burlakoff is a writer, photographer, folklorist, and cook. As a non-profit and museum executive and consultant for the past three decades he has worked with a wide range of ethnic communities in the United States. He spent five years operating and sailing the 17th century replica vessel Halve Maen out of New York harbor. A dedicated student and teacher of Buddhism, he has published a number of books, articles, and translations. His photographic work has been published, and he participated in a number of exhibitions. Today he lives with his wife and their four-legged family in Ossining, New York. The poet Rimma Khaninova chairs the Russian and Foreign Literature Department at Kalmyk State University. She has published a number of scholarly works and books of poetry. The artist Eduardo Barrios’ artistic themes often focus on human affection, mutuality, compassion, connection, and grace. His artistic style is uncomplicated and approachable. A professional graphic designer, he lives in Connecticut with his wife and three children.

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A Kalmyk Sampler: Mongol Poetry and Mythic Tale: Poems in English, Russian, and Kalmyk [Paperback]


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